Apdhb calls for freedom for Áñez and sends a list of crimes against humanity by Evo Morales

The Permanent Assembly of Human Rights of Bolivia (Apdhb) sent a letter to Attorney General Juan Lanchipa calling on former President Jeanine Áñez and the rest of the “politically persecuted” to defend themselves freely in the case of the alleged “politically persecuted”. Putsch “from 2019.

In a public letter, the Apdhb regretted the ex-president’s health situation and asked the attorney general to reflect on the “historic moment” the country is experiencing.

The Apdhb attached a list of “crimes against humanity” committed by former President Evo Morales during his tenure and noted that there were other acts like this that should be investigated by prosecutors.

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“Have you seen the pictures accompanying this lawsuit by the Apdhb reassured?” Asked the human rights organization Lanchipa in the letter.

“I hope, Mr Lanchipa, that you recognize your historical responsibility for the moment in which Bolivia lives and that your fair and equitable action will take place immediately and that it will be possible for Mrs Áñez and all the prisoners, for the moment in which the country is alive, exposed to political persecution, “defend itself in freedom,” the letter concludes.


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