Antonio Parada has sought refuge in Brazil and the government is trying to deny it

The government minister Eduardo del Castillo reported that Antonio Parada, one of the main participants in the case of the ghost objects, had sought refuge in the Brazilian border region of Corumbá.

“We have just received the official reports from the authorities of the Brazilian Federal Police, which filed their respective refugee applications in the morning hours (Parada),” said Del Castillo.

However, he made it clear that the government is taking appropriate action to have this request for refuge at Parada be denied.

Parada is the main culprit for corruption in the ghost property case in the Santa Cruz Mayor’s office, where he would have benefited as a hiring manager from funds raised on behalf of persons illegally serving as civil servants.

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He is also involved in phantom contracts with the National Health Fund, where he was a civil servant in 2020, and was also found to have been irregularly recovered from salaries on behalf of those who left résumés at the facility.


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