Anti-vaccines threaten blockades, strikes and sieges

Anti-vaccine groups that refuse to present a vaccination card against Covid-19 announced yesterday, among other things, a “general strike, hunger strike and a siege of Plaza Murillo” in La Paz if the government does not repeal decrees 4640 and 4641 In turn, some local governments and sectors have made this document mandatory in order to carry out various activities. The threats come amid an increase in coronavirus cases across the country.

At a press conference, the President of the El Alto Citizens’ Committee, Gregorio Gómez, “urged the Bolivian people to get enough food. We call for a national strike, a national blockade, from today the mobilizations begin ”.

This sector is taking the lead because it ensures it has not been heard by the authorities who state by law that the vaccine is voluntary and by regulations require vaccination to present a negative card or PCR test.

“We are going to go on hunger strikes in Plaza Murillo because we have not been treated, because people are shouting for these decrees to be repealed. Also the dismissal of these ministers for not giving our consent, ”he said.

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Meanwhile, the decrees of the central government are rejected, some local governments have made it mandatory to present the anticovid card or the PCR test in order to carry out some activities.

The La Paz Municipal Emergency Operations Committee (COEM) has decided to approve the traditional Alasita fair, which must include all biological safety measures.

According to the regulations of the COEM La Paz, all dealers must have their vaccination card with them.

The transport unions also require their members to carry a Covid vaccination card with them to provide the service with immediate effect, otherwise they cannot work.


In the meantime, the Sucre Municipal Council has unanimously passed the Law on Secure Income for the Bolivian capital. That is, people intending to enter the Sucre Municipality will need to present the anticovid vaccination card.

Other sectors

In parallel with the determination of the citizens of El Alto, other sectors, the farmers affiliated to the Túpac Katari Federation, in addition to the north of Potosí, also set a deadline for the repeal of the ordinances and the resignation of the Minister of Health, Jeyson Auza, for the request without consultation License or a PCR test.

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They threatened to block roads in the 20 provinces of La Paz for the next few days.

Overcrowded vaccine and testing centers

In the past few days, the vaccination centers against Covid-19 and the implementation of tests in various regions of the country have been overwhelmed by the high influx of people.

According to data, vaccinations are guaranteed, but tests are limited and in some regions it is estimated that they will last until this weekend.

Nasal antigen tests are only guaranteed until this weekend in La Paz, reported the director of the health service of the department (headquarters), Mayber Aparicio.

In light of this situation, the Bolivian Medical College advised that this may lead to under-registration as not everyone is treated.


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