Anti-vaccines continue to block the oil company and close a road on the westbound freeway

Anti-vaccination groups blocked kilometer 6 of Petrolera Avenue south of the city for the third day this Thursday, despite the government suspending the validity of the Covid-19 vaccination card. Another anti-vaccination group blocked a highway in the west of the country, near the Viloma Bridge.

About 20 people have blocked this road since Tuesday, demanding the repeal of Supreme Decrees 4640 and 4641, which require a vaccination certificate or a negative PCR test in crowded places.

In the Viloma sector, at km 22 of the highway to La Paz and Oruro, anti-vaccinationists blocked a lane and demanded the repeal of the above decrees.

The government decided yesterday that these decrees will not come into force for the duration of the health emergency and that if this declaration is lifted, the card will no longer be needed in banks, markets, hospitals, police or judicial authorities.

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However, anti-vaccination groups are sticking to their pressure measure and calling for the decrees to be repealed.

The damage to the population is great as vehicles cannot pass through the southern zone and citizens have to cover the entire exclusion zone on foot.

In addition, anti-vaccination groups repeatedly attacked the press and violated the right to freedom of the press and freedom of information. This Thursday, the Los Tiempos cameraman was threatened and verbally attacked.


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