Anti-vaccine groups march in La Paz and Cochabamba and demand that identification be lifted

Anti-vaccine groups marched in the cities of La Paz and Cochabamba this Monday to demand that the government repeal Decrees 4640 and 4641, which require the Covid-19 vaccination card to be carried in crowded places.

A massive march of trade unions, evangelicals and some neighborhood councils marched from the Ceja de El Alto towards the center of the government district, calling for the repeal of these norms and the resignation of the entire cabinet of ministers that signed these norms.

The above-mentioned edicts indicate that from January 1st it is compulsory to carry the anticovid vaccination card in places with many people, when traveling or in other places. Although its validity was suspended until January 26th.

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In Cochabamba, the march left the area of ​​the 6 de Agosto bridge and went to Plaza 14 de Septiembre. It wasn’t as massive as the La Paz mobilization, but it was left out.

The groups indicate that they cannot be forced to receive the vaccine as it is unconstitutional.

The government has stated that the vaccine is not mandatory and that they can also show a negative PCR test.


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