Anti-vaccination farmers from La Paz are calling for roads to be blocked

Yesterday, the Tupac Katari Farmers Association of La Paz called for a road blockade in La Paz department from Monday 17 at public and private facilities.

The other argument in favor of closing the department’s roads is that Luis Arce’s government has not fired the Minister of Health and Sports, Jayson Auza, who is accused of the two decrees establishing the vaccination certificate or the PCR test every 48 hours .

The departmental federation document directs the indefinite general strike and roadblock throughout La Paz Department starting Monday, January 17 at 00:00.


“We call on all social organizations throughout La Paz department to join the general and indefinite strike against the decrees that violate our rights,” the federation’s instructions read.

In this regard, the Minister of Health announced yesterday that negotiations have started with the organizations and groups mobilized against Decrees 4641 and 4640 on the presentation of the vaccination card, to see the possibility of making it more flexible than the norm.

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In height

From El Alto, the President of the People’s Citizens’ Committee, Gregorio Gómez, announced that his bases will mobilize spontaneously and without specifying a date, out of respect for uses and customs in favor of traditional medicine. I demand respect for the personal choice of whether or not to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

different statement

The “Youth Provincials”, who are the children of the peasants, also decided to take part in this blockade in support of the Tupac Katari, considering that the decrees “contravene the free will of any person to take action against Covid to be vaccinated or not -19 . In addition, making it clear that asking for their rights to be respected is not against vaccines,” the young people’s statement said.

In this way, parents and children from the rural area in La Paz are supposed to go to Block from Monday. The leaders asserted that they had not been subpoenaed by the government until now.

Meanwhile, the authorities were waiting for letters from the farmers asking for meetings to explain the scope of the two decrees.

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Depending on the disposition of the farmers, they will block the three access roads to La Paz, Oruro, Desaguadero and Copacabana.

In order to strengthen their measures, the farmers called together all the organizations that oppose the compulsory taking of the vaccination card for the procedures.

Covid cases reach 14,461

Bolivia yesterday reported a new daily record of Covid-19 infections with 14,461 cases, bringing the cumulative positive cases to 739,920 since March 2020. The Health Ministry report also reports 39 deaths, bringing the cumulative number of deaths to 20,188.

Santa Cruz, the largest and hardest-hit region by the pandemic, again had the highest number of infections with 3,398 cases, although not at the level of the previous week, the report said.

Cochabamba reported 2,929 cases; La Paz had 2,315; Tarija, 1867, Chuquisaca, 1422; Oruro, 1,220; Potosí, 742, and Beni and Pando reported 355 and 213, respectively.


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