Another record: 10,263 cases in one day and Santa Cruz collapses due to Covid

With every day that goes by, the number of Covid-19 cases in the country exceeds the previous day. Yesterday there were 10,263 new coronavirus cases in one day in Bolivia.

Santa Cruz also exceeded the number of infections on Tuesday and presented 6,286 cases yesterday. This is followed by Cochabamba with 1,322, Tarija with 747, Chuquisaca with 669, La Paz with 497, Oruro with 307, Beni with 277, Potosí with 122 and Pando with 36.

While the ruling party and opposition politicians accuse each other of the critical situation in Santa Cruz, this region is at risk of the Covid-19 pandemic becoming a syndemic (infection of several diseases at the same time) and with the likely occurrence of Fluron (co-infection of Covid and flu), which is believed to have caused a first death in Palmasola prison. Add to this the saturation of the medical centers.

Coronavirus infections hit Santa Cruz Department and the public is orphaned to face this “epidemiological storm,” according to public health experts who, in the face of political disputes, recommend overcoming the health problem.

A report by El Deber found that the Director of the Departmental Health Service (Headquarters), Erwin Viruez, confirmed a person’s death from fluorine. Death corresponds to a person locked up in Palmasola “with a delicate image” because he had underlying illnesses.

However, this possible death by Fluron has not been confirmed by the central executive.

In light of this, the national director of epidemiology, Freddy Armijo, pointed out the possibility of vaccination against influenza to avoid cases of fluron.

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The agency pointed to the escalation of positive cases, which increased exponentially from a thousand to over 6,000 from the last Wednesday of 2021 to Tuesday this week.

“The only way to explain this massive data growth is by linking two viruses, coronavirus and influenza. That gets our attention,” he said.


In the midst of this panorama, the President of Santa Cruz Medical College, Wilfredo Azoátegui, confirmed that this region is no longer just experiencing a pandemic, but a syndemia due to a combination of diseases: Covid-19 with influenza, dengue, Chikungunya and Zika.

A syndemia is the concentration of two or more epidemics or disease outbreaks in a population. In this case, it refers to a situation where multiple epidemics coexist and reinforce each other over time.

Between December 24, 2021 and January 4, 2022, Santa Cruz recorded 41,524 positive cases.

Against this background, the government sought dialogue in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra with the mayors of the integrated north on charges of inaction, but without taking into account the government, whose representatives came to the meeting despite not being convened.

Likewise, it decided to mobilize medical brigades to identify positive cases, treat patients, and vaccinate.

“Today (yesterday) 17 Rapid Response Brigades were deployed to contain the pandemic in this fourth wave,” said Safci department coordinator Zulma Mamani.

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It also shipped 33,750 drug kits for treating positive patients.

However, these actions were classified as late.

For opponents, Auza’s management is poor

Through his social networks, Senator Erik Morón of the Creemos Alliance questioned the work of the Minister of Health Jeyson Auza because he did not provide a solution to hospital problems in Santa Cruz or across the country.

“The unusual situation of the Ministry of Health, which is preventing the Oscar Urenda de Montero hospital from opening, is not an isolated incident. The same situation occurs at the hospitals of Challapata, Llallagua, Ocurí and Villa Tunari, ”he said.

Legislators pointed out that these hospital centers were built under “turnkey” contracts but have not yet functioned because the Ministry of Health has not provided them with the necessary medical staff, materials and medicines to care for the patient population. “The Ministry of Health is not fulfilling its responsibility. There are at least five hospitals that have already been built but they are not opening their doors because the national government has not provided items or supplies or medicines to operate, “he said.

Meanwhile, Senator Henry Montero questioned (we believe) the domestic agent’s treatment, writing, “From respect to respect, Santa Cruz and its authorities deserve respect. He will not be a discriminatory and racist minister who wants to overrun our autonomies ”.


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