Another officer is finally dismissed in the event of a

In connection with the riot case, the Cochabamba Department Police Disciplinary Court has decided to finally dismiss Major Daniel Gualberto Capriles, who was accused of collaborating with the Cochala Youth Resistance (RJC).

According to the Vice Minister for Decolonization, who is promoting this case, Major Capriles worked with the Cochala Youth Resistance during the 2019 riots and was fully identified through audiovisual images captured by the various media and social networks.

According to this version, the officer was closely associated with Yassir Molina, the leader of the RJC.

“The above officer wore a police uniform on November 8, 2019, which was publicly known through various written and audiovisual media, as well as the police uniform,” said a press release from the Vice Ministry for Decolonization.

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Major Capriles’ dismissal was determined by two offenses in the Police Disciplinary Act: public acts, dishonoring national symbols, the institution or the police uniform, as well as inciting or conducting riots, strikes, cessation or interruption of service, as an act of protest or pressure.


According to the official statement, the police officer has the specific task of defending society, maintaining public order and enforcing laws across Bolivian territory. “Unfortunately, the aforementioned policeman, accompanied by other police officers who were leading a police riot, gave up their mission.”

The oldest joins the list of more than a dozen soldiers who were released from the police for the 2019 uprising.

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