Another member of the RJC is arrested in Sucre

The Ministry of State this afternoon arrested Mario Bascopé, a member of the Cochala Youth Resistance (RJC), in the city of Sucre, where he had been transferred from Cochabamba, for allegedly participating in protests in front of the Attorney General’s Office in October 2020.

Bascopé is in the offices of the prosecutor’s office in Sucre to give his informative testimony so that a judge will later define his legal position, according to the Correo del Sur newspaper.

Following the protests of the RJC in Sucre, the State Department opened an investigation into the crimes of the criminal organization, illegal possession and carrying of artifacts and explosives, and others.

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This trial is currently investigating the chairman of the RJC, Yasir Molina, Mario Bascopé (both in preventive detention in San Roque), Milena Soto and now Fabio Bascopé.


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