Another indigenous march goes and the police escort the caravans in the face of the violence

A second indigenous march left San José de Chiquitos de Santa Cruz yesterday for the capital of that department, where it joins the caravan that Beni left more than two weeks ago.

“Those who marched (from Beni) are our brothers from another department with the same concerns. We are not against the arrow because they are also coming to join us so that we can come together immediately and claim our rights, and they will also come from other departments to support us, ”said the great head general of the Chiquitana Nation. , Beatriz Tapanaché.

Meanwhile, the march, which started from Beni and was intercepted by interculturalists on Sunday, reached the community of San Pablo. Both marches are escorted by the police, as can be seen in the pictures.

Indigenous leader Adolfo Chavez, who is part of the march, reported that the interculturalists who tried to stop the indigenous march threatened to burn the truck in which they were bringing the elderly and food for the demonstrators.

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“As for the walk, we did it yesterday (Sunday) because we made the effort to move forward at 3am and we passed through the 16 de Julio parish, but there the interculturalists intercepted the march column, we have to go looked ahead and believed that you would give them refreshments or breakfast because my authority always goes back a long way to see who is staying or who is very tired, “he commented on the show A Media Mañana de Los Tiempos and Grupo Centro.

Chavez pointed out that they were interviewed about the march, the motives and the donors.

“Then we had to say who we are, why the march, they told us it was funded, we didn’t give them any information, we just told them the road was clear and we weren’t going to harm anyone. We went and they saw the truck, they said we have to burn the truck. The elders came in mobility and food for the march. We told them it was a truck that was being used for the march, we got into some fighting, but these are clues given to the marching column, ”said Chavez.

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The march marks 14 days since leaving Trinidad, Beni. It covered more than 130 kilometers and is located in the Guarayo area. Your destination is Santa Cruz de la Sierra.


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