Another former police chief was sent to jail for the 2019 events

Former police commander Javier Fuad Vaca was sent to the San Pedro prison with preventive detention as part of the investigation into the deaths in the southern part of the city of La Paz during the 2019 political crisis, the Office dismissed the complaints of the death in 2020 back from three people.

The former police chief has to stay in prison for six months while the investigation into the “coup” continues.

Vaca is charged with alleged murder crimes to some extent of complicity and concealment for the November 2019 deaths in the southern area of ​​La Paz.

At least three people died during the conflicts in the southern zone (Pedregal and Rosales) by the violence of the security forces: Percy Romer Conde Noguera, Juan Martín Pérez Taco and Beltrán Paulino Condori.

The public prosecutor’s office rejected the complaints in 2020, and in two cases it had to reopen the investigation, according to the report of the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts.

In the case of Percy Romer Conde, investigations are rare, according to the report by the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts. The file barely contains the testimony of the victim’s sister, the autopsy protocol, the photographic sample of her and the crime scene, and some police reports, most of which contain no news.

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Despite the fact that the victim’s sister requested that the investigation be carried out, the files say. “However, on November 22, 2020, the prosecutor’s office, without performing all of these acts, issued a decision rejecting the complaint, stating that there were not enough elements to identify the possible perpetrators,” the expert group said.

With regard to Juan Martín Pérez, the investigations into this case were also poor, “without any significant progress”. The young man’s family even denounced to the GIEI that they had been put under pressure by the public prosecutor’s office, and even the mother threatened prosecution.

“There are indications of an unjustified delay in the action of the public prosecutor and an omission in fulfilling its investigative obligations. On September 11, 2020, the public prosecutor’s office issued a rejection order with the assertion “the legal obstacle, the so-called procedural deadlines, which make a corresponding decision necessary after expiry, as the court has exercised a jurisdiction review that prevents the investigation from continuing”. says the GIEI report.

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Subsequently, on October 19, 2020, the investigation resumed after the investigator on the case said an autopsy of Pérez’s death had not been performed despite his family requesting an autopsy.

Beltrán Paulino Condori was injured in his home while trying to protect the sale of his home from stones thrown on the houses by strangers, according to his relatives. He was shot in this attempt.

“On September 10, 2020, the public prosecutor’s office issued an order denying the investigation on the grounds that it was not possible to obtain sufficient evidence to identify the perpetrator or perpetrators.540 On November 30, 2020, however, the investigation is reopened at the request of the public prosecutor.541 It is not known whether new investigative files have been implemented, ”says the GIEI report.

For the expert group, the delay in the investigation is not justified in these cases. “The fact that the prosecution has filed denials represents a failure of the state to guarantee the right of next of kin to know the truth about the circumstances surrounding their loved one’s death.”


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