Angélica Sosa's husband refrains from declaring ghost objects on a case-by-case basis

Sergio Perovic, husband of the former mayor Angélica Sosa, did not make a statement in the case of the alleged 800 ghost objects in the mayor’s office of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, said his lawyer Jerjes Justiniano.

“After an initial experience where architect Perovic’s words were skewed and taken out of context in order not to take that risk again, we as his right-backs suggested not testify,” Justiniano told Unitel.

The lawyer pointed out that his client had gone to the public prosecutor’s office to “show his face” and “to give his procedural address for all other measures”.

Perovic went to the prosecutor’s office with his lawyer on Wednesday afternoon after being called to witness the case. The ex-government couple avoided making statements to the press.

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Sosa was sent to preventive detention last Thursday. In addition, the former officers Julio César Herbas and Javier Cedeño are in preventive detention.

The judiciary is investigating the alleged manufacture of phantom items that would have benefited an alleged corruption network financially through the efforts of Percy Fernández and Sosa.


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