Angélica Sosa is sent to Palmasola for the ghost items

After a 10-hour hearing, the former interim mayor Angélica Sosa was taken to the Palmasola prison with 120 days of preventive detention because of the alleged 800 objects belonging to the mayor’s office in Santa Cruz.

“The public prosecutor’s office has supported and convinced the criminal types with regard to the formal indictment and consequently the judge with regard to the essential requirements of preventive detention, namely the likelihood of authorship, as has the federal ministry, and if it has also recognized the procedural risks of flight and obstruction has. And the judge has assessed all these previous histories and procedural risks and ordered the extreme measures of preventive detention in Palmasola for a period of 120 days, ”said prosecutor Javier Cordero to the Santa Cruz media

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The public prosecutor’s office accused the former mayor of committing the alleged crimes of legitimizing illicit profits, wasteful acts, contracts damaging the state and breaches of duty.


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