Angélica Sosa in the audience:

Former Santa Cruz Mayoress Angélica Sosa assured at her haunted property precautionary hearing, concluded this morning, that the allegations against her were “a lie” and that she was “politically murdered”.

Sosa was taken to Palmasola Prison for four months in preventive detention.

“During my tenure there was no corruption, Javier Cedeño is a villain, everything he said in his testimony is a lie, they politically murdered me,” said Sosa in statements published by the Gigavisión portal.

The former mayor referred to the former head of the Santa Cruz municipality’s human resources department, Javier Cedeño, who said in his statement to the prosecutor that Sosa was leading a corrupt clan.

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“(The then mayor) Percy (Fernández) had four nurses who came as officials (of the mayor’s office), Angélica Sosa had her personal nursing staff, but the beneficiaries were Sosa’s children,” Cedeño told the prosecutor.

Cedeño accused Sosa and her husband Sergio Perovic of having built a corruption structure in which they not only negotiated article salaries, but also blackmailed trade unionists and property owners.

Cedeño was also held in preventive detention.

Perovic arrived in the country from Brazil at midnight and denied the allegations.


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