Angélica Sosa goes from being a witness to being denounced in the case of ghost objects

The former interim mayor of Santa Cruz de la Sierra Angélica Sosa went from a witness to an investigation into the case of phantom objects, reported prosecutor Marcela Terceros.

“It was decided to expand the lawsuit against Ms. Sosa. She is no longer a witness, she is a defendant in the trial. And since their legal situation has changed, their immigration warning has been activated, “said Terceros.

The prosecutor pointed out that the investigation came after documents were seized this morning from the offices of the city government’s human resources department at Quinta Municipal. He also confirmed that several former officers had contacted each other to denounce that they were victims because their names were used in the items examined.

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The prosecution will meet tomorrow to agree on the next steps in relation to the investigation.

Around 70 people have to testify as witnesses and summon 42 former officials who held hierarchical positions in the management of Sosa.


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