Áñez's lawyer announced that the ex-president was stable and asked her to defend herself freely

Jeanine Añez’s attorney, Norca Cuellar, reported that after today the ex-president will cause a self-harm in Miraflores prison in La Paz.

“I am sorry to inform the Bolivian people that Ms Áñez tried to harm herself early this morning (Saturday) but she has a few small scratches on one of her arms but there is nothing to worry about. ” “, Government Minister Eduardo del Castillo.

“It’s a cry for help. The ex-president really exploded with the fact that she puts all the resources in place to defend herself freely and (the judges) refuse to do so,” said Cuellar.

“Let her defend herself in freedom, otherwise the consequences will be fatal. Please! I ask you: Do what you can to keep her in custody at home, she will appear as often as it is appropriate and will not hinder the process “any investigation,” he told reporters.

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The director of Felcc, Douglas Uzquiano, confirmed to Red Uno the information from the government minister that Áñez had cut his wrist and forearm.

“It is a suicide attempt,” said the chief of police, adding that the ex-president’s health was being evaluated and “in particular the medication she was taking these days.”

In turn, Cuellar asked President Luis Arce Catacora to allow Añez to defend himself freely.

On that day, three former presidents of Bolivia urged the judiciary and the prosecutor general to take the necessary measures to preserve the life and physical and mental integrity of former president Jeanine Áñez.

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In a statement released by the civic community, former presidents Jaime Paz Zamora, Carlos Mesa and Jorge Tuto Quiroga confirm that the medical reports and moving images that have been circulated show the deteriorating health of the former president.


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