Añez's hospitalization refused;  they will treat them in prison

As announced, a meeting of the Medical Committee on the State of Health of former President Jeanine Áñez was held with the participation of her doctor and her family, whereupon the Directorate of Prison announced that treatment for the imprisoned ex-President had been arranged in Miraflores Prison and it became out of the question that she will be admitted.

“The treatments practically agreed this morning among all the professionals show that you do not need an external hospitalization, that the treatment of the pathologies you have can be carried out in the same prison with the current conditions that you already have,” said the Penitentiary Director, Juan Carlos Limpias.

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The Medical Association was announced after a controversy arose over Áñez’s transfer to medical centers to conduct medical studies amid complaints from family and lawyers accusing the prison regime of failing to terminate and the ex-president due to his deteriorating health .

Limpias emphasized that Áñez’s daughter, Carolina Ribera, was allowed to attend the medical meeting alongside two of her lawyers.


Carolina Ribera, daughter of former President Jeanine Áñez, described it as a “hoax” that a MP for the Movement for Socialism (MAS) wanted to involve her in the investigation of her mother. Remember that this warning is an attempt to silence you.

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On his Facebook page, Ribera pointed out that this attempt “seeks to break my mother’s precarious health, overwhelm her with another worry, because they know how vulnerable a mother is when a son or daughter is touched “.

Yesterday, pro-government MP Omar Yujra suggested extending the legislature’s investigation to the former president’s governance and including her daughter over alleged “donation abuse”.


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