Añez's Diagnosis of Hypertension and Anxiety Depressive Syndrome Confirmed;  further studies are expected

Following the clinical examination that Jeanine Añez underwent this Wednesday, it was confirmed that the ex-president suffers from high blood pressure and anxious-depressive syndrome, for which she has been prescribed further medication and further studies.

Añez was temporarily released from prison this Wednesday to be taken to Tórax Hospital, where she was examined by a cardiologist on the recommendation of the Forensic Research Institute (IDIF).

“She was treated by the cardiologist who confirmed that inmate Jeanine Añez had systemic arterial hypertension and anxious-depressive syndrome. With this understanding, the cardiologist made a medication recommendation and there was no need. “Type of internment,” explained the prison director, Juan Carlos Limpias.

Añez’s attorney, Norka Cuellar, questioned the ex-president’s investigation, arguing that IDIF did a cardiac assessment but only performed auscultation to recommend studies and upload the drugs.

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“The medication she was given for high blood pressure was simply doubled and nothing else. He ordered (the doctor) a psychiatric examination, a cardiological examination and a blood test for the ex-president. None of the three studies were carried out.” on them. today, “said Cuéllar, who stressed that these studies need to be done.

The prison director, Juan Carlos Limpias, announced that the tests for Añez’s studies will be held in prison.

“I think we will coordinate tomorrow to have them come to do the relevant tasks. We also understand the detainees’ discomfort at wanting to leave and remove them for any kind of test. One of the kinds of worsening situations is to bring the laboratory workers here to take the appropriate tests, “the officer said.

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Añez’s attorney questioned the prison sentence: “I don’t know if they will have the ability to take to prison the equipment required for the echo-doppler for example, which is one of the cardiology studies, which the exmandataria “.

Cuellar insisted that the studies be conducted as specified by IDIF. He believed that the auscultation Añez received that Wednesday was just one way of simulating that this instruction was being complied with.


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