Áñez's defense denies the three-day sentence without a visit to prison and denounces abuse

The defense of Jeanine Áñez has challenged the sanction imposed on the ex-mother in Miraflores prison for three days without a visit.

The punishment was ordered because Áñez refused to appear for a virtual trial. However, the former president had the opportunity to appeal the measure.

It was reported on her Twitter account that Áñez’s defense has challenged the sanction, which she sees as “abuse by prison guards forcing her to go to a virtual audience that goes down and up the stairs when barely with help “.

“The former president will be punished in prison without her life or her innocence being worth it,” said the message on the social network.

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The sanction was based on Law 2298, according to which “the unjustified refusal to participate in a judicial process” is classified as a very serious offense. The sentence must be approved by a judge before it can be carried out.

Añez has been in custody since March for terrorism, sedition and conspiracy. In August, a new preventive detention was ordered for breach of duties and illegal decisions.


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