Añez's daughter worries about her mother's trial:

Carolina Ribera, daughter of Jeanine Áñez, said on NTN24’s “La Tarde” program that she was concerned about the announcement that the hearing in the so-called “Golpe II case” would start the following week. He asserted that behind this decision the intent of an early conviction was hidden without evidence.

“All they want is to convict her, prematurely convict her of no guilt, no reason or evidence, and kill her while she is in prison,” he said tearfully.

He also confirmed Añez’s innocence, arguing that “the only thing (his mother) did was fulfill his patriotic duty in the situation we lived in Bolivia in 2019, given the power vacuum, the Evo Morales generated in the elections “. Fraud”

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Finally, he expressed concern about the health of the former president, who has been in preventive detention in Miraflores prison in La Paz since March because of the alleged 2019 coup.


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