Áñez's daughter travels to the US and the MAS accuses her of wanting to discredit the Arce government

Carolina Ribera, daughter of former President Jeanine Áñez, traveled to the United States to denounce that her mother’s life is in danger; the Movement for Socialism (MAS) claims it intends to discredit Luis Arce’s government.

“Yesterday (Tuesday) in the United States, I began a round of meetings with representatives of governments, congressmen, organizations and international institutions in the defense of human rights, warning of the grave danger that the life of my mother, Constitutional President Jeanine Áñez #LiberenAJeanine, runs. ” reported his Twitter account.

The former president is incarcerated in Miraflores Prison, has attempted suicide in the past few days and has health problems due to her high blood pressure.

In this context, MAS Senator Leonardo Loza criticized Carolina Ribera Áñez’s trip: In his opinion, the young woman was “used” to traveling by air because she had sufficient financial means; and accused them of attempting to discredit Luis Arce’s government.

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“Not only (he wants to) discredit President Arce, but he is trying to discredit the entire Bolivian people as a whole by trying to lie and deceive,” protested Loza.

“This lady should say why her mother killed more than 36 people under a supreme decree?” He reiterated that Ribera was trying to lie to the international community about his mother’s situation.

He stated that he had the right to travel abroad. “Since he has so much money to go around the world,” he said.

Likewise, Chamber of Representatives President Freddy Mamani stated that he did not know the real reasons for Carolina Ribera’s trip; However, he said the Plurinational Legislative Assembly’s human rights commission is monitoring the situation of the ex-president, who is being treated like any other detainee in Miraflores Prison.

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“I’m not going to do anything at all, but when all the results are in we can tell what it really did (to the United States),” Mamani said.

For the Civic Community MP (CC), Enrique Urquidi, Ribera will reflect the “facade democracy” that exists in the country due to his mother’s alleged violation of his human rights.

Ribera is expected to visit Human Rights Watch (HRW) director of the Americas, José Miguel Vivanco, meet with Venezuelan women, including Lilian Tintori, wife of Leopoldo López, leader of the opposition to chavismo, and meet with leaders from International organizations.


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