Áñez's daughter says she is not afraid of threats and will not shut up

Carolina Ribera, daughter of former interim president of Bolivia Jeanine Áñez, fears that her mother will try again to fight her life and that despite the threats received, she will not “rest” until justice and freedom are achieved for the mother who complied is in preventive detention for six months.

“My mother lives in a judicial hell,” he said in an interview with Efe Ribera, who has been at liberty since Áñez was arrested on the 13th.

Ribera tearfully told how the former interim president’s health had deteriorated. “She is in very poor health, her weight has lost a lot.”

Ribera also denounced that the judiciary in Bolivia is “a submissive tool for this government. They use it as political repression.”

“My mother is her trophy to convey a message of fear to all opposition leaders and dissidents,” he said.

His family and the defense have always defended that Áñez is a “victim” of “invented procedures without legal basis” in the more than ten proceedings that are initiated against him both in the normal way and in liability proceedings.

With this in mind, Ribera warned of “irregularities in the judiciary” as Áñez is recognized as a former interim president in some cases and only as a former senator in others.

Luis Arce’s government and the Movement towards Socialism (MAS) claim that Áñez’s government is unconstitutional and the product of an alleged “coup” against Evo Morales, which is why they do not recognize her as former President of Bolivia.

Ribera insisted that he demand “that there is due process, that there is a fair trial, that there is an independent investigation by the public ministry”.

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“The government is doing everything possible to delay the trials and keep my mother in jail and every day that goes by her life is at risk, there are no diseases to treat,” she said.

Áñez has to serve an additional six months in preventive detention for yet another trial of the “coup” alleging alleged crimes of breach of duty and unlawful decisions leading to allegations of sedition, terrorism and conspiracy in the 2019 crisis .

Attempted suicide

Last month, Jeanine Áñez injured one of her arms, causing Carolina Ribera to fear that her mother tried again because of her depression because of her depression.

“He tried to commit suicide on August 21, and the psychiatrist tells me that to save my mother, she must be taken away.” The prison she is in is “a place where she feels threatened, has panic attacks and can commit suicide again,” he said.

With this in mind, the defense of the former interim president asked the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) to grant her precautionary measures, for which Ribera traveled to the USA last week to hand over the relevant documents personally.

Ribera was confident that the Commission would give a positive answer to this question. “It is in the hands of the IACHR to save my mother,” he said.


At dawn on Saturday March 13, Government Minister Carlos Eduardo del Castillo, together with the Bolivian Police Commander Jhonny Aguilera, confirmed the arrest of Áñez in the city of Trinidad in the Beni Amazon region and his immediate transfer to Lapaz.

Áñez was found hidden in a closet, an issue that earned her criticism and accusations from the government that the ex-president wanted to flee, even though she always said she would not leave the country to face justice.

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Carolina Ribera realized that she was “afraid” of everything that happened and it was she who asked her mother, “Since it was night, don’t hide so much, but let us keep them in a safe place until we know what to do “. . “

“We were with an aunt and there was a lot of desperation not knowing what to do,” he said, saying that later several people “broke in” improperly “and took Áñez with them without identifying themselves and without an arrest warrant.

Carolina Ribera noted that she received threats every day, but “she has lost her fear”.

“If you arrest me for the fight, for the defense of my mother, you are violating all my rights (…) shut up, I will not rest until she is free. You scared us so much, I saw you suffer so much that I’ve lost my fear, “he said tearfully.

Ribera said his mother’s decision to take on the interim presidency was “not an easy one” because “everyone was afraid” of the polarization created by allegations of fraud in the 2019 elections and Morales’ resignation from the presidency.

Regarding former government minister Arturo Murillo, who is imprisoned in the US for bribery and money laundering, Ribera pointed out that he had “betrayed” his mother and the Bolivian people, that it was “regrettable” what he had done and That justice American will be responsible for doing what is appropriate in this case.


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