Áñez's daughter denounces that her mother was not subjected to a study

Carolina Ribera, daughter of former President Jeanine Áñez, condemned her mother evacuated from Miraflores Prison to Thoracic Hospital yesterday for cardiac tests; However, they only listened to her and measured her pressure.

“Correctional Directors held a press conference to set up a media show to say that she has already been transferred to the clinic and that she is in good health. They came out to tell lies because at the thoracic hospital they only auscultated my mother and they measured her pressure, ”Ribera said.

Yesterday afternoon, Áñez, who is in preventive detention because of the “coup”, was evacuated from Miraflores prison in a wheelchair and an ambulance. But after less than an hour, she was taken back to prison.

“She was treated by a specialist cardiologist who confirmed that inmate Jeanine Áñez had systemic arterial hypertension and anxiety depressive syndrome. With this understanding, the cardiologist made a medication recommendation and there was no need for hospitalization in the thoracic hospital, “said the director of the prison regime, Juan Carlos Limpias.

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weak spot

However, according to Áñez’s daughter, after taking her blood pressure, “it was actually high and they doubled their high blood pressure medication and took her back to prison.”

Ribera also denounced that the former president is not allowed to receive visits and that she and her brother can see them, but as part of an “interview” which is a limited session of no more than 30 minutes.

“He’s lost more than 10 pounds, he’s very weak. He can’t get out of bed. “

At least one year in prison in La Paz

On August 3, an anti-corruption judge in La Paz decided to extend Jeanine Áñez’s preventive detention for another six months when she was only a week away from completing five months in a La Paz prison.

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The temporary ex-president (2019-2020) is charged with the so-called “coup d’état” during Bolivia’s political crisis in 2019, which led to Evo Morales’ resignation from the presidency.

Luis Guillén, one of Áñez’s lawyers, denounced that the extension of the measure was a response to the decision of an investigative judge who “decided to separate the processes (of the coup) and make this history an anti-corruption.


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