Áñez will have an audience this Wednesday to discuss ending his preventive detention

The second investigative judge for the fight against corruption and violence, Andrés Zabaleta, has scheduled the hearing on the lifting of preventive detention in favor of the former President Jeanine Añez as part of the subsequent exmandataria for the offense of breach of duty this Wednesday at 1:00 p.m.

This trial was “split off” from the “coup” trial at the request of the President of the Senate, Andrónico Rodríguez, who accused the ex-president of committing crimes of negligence, unconstitutional and unlawful decisions. , Anticipation and expansion of functions and others.

According to Rodríguez, Añez irregularly took over the presidency of the Senate in 2019 and declared herself president as a result of this “illegal” act.

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The opening of this case has been refused by Añez’s lawyers, as the ex-president faces two trials in the same case.

On August 4, the judge placed Añez on a new six-month preventive detention to defend the case.

At this point in time, the ex-president was already serving five of the six planned months of preventive detention as part of the “coup process” in which she was accused of the crimes of terrorism, sedition and conspiracy.

Early in the morning of August 21, after it was confirmed that he had systemic arterial hypertension and depression, Añez attempted to kill himself with wounds attached to his arm with a desk clip. Because of this situation and after medical examinations, doctors recommended the former president to be hospitalized for treatment.

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Lawyer Luis Guillén announced that the relevant medical reports would be presented at the session to end preventive detention. The lawyer added that the motion to lift his preventive detention was also presented in the “coup” proceedings.


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