“I assume that the only thing the government is looking for and will achieve is my short-term death.” Former President Jeanine Áñez spoke to a judge when she denounced the indolence of the authorities in relation to her state of health.

Áñez spoke at a court hearing this Friday. She said she had been detained for six months and 18 days when her term was six months.

“I should have been free 18 days ago, within the time limit set by the judiciary itself at the request of the government, but in reality I shouldn’t have been detained for a single day. I have not committed a crime, so I am a political prisoner, a trophy for this government, ”said Áñez.

He also denounced in front of the judge that he was a victim of violence and psychological torture.

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He mentioned that they had given him drugs of dubious effectiveness: “They often made me very sleepy and even caused me hallucinations.”

In addition, according to Áñez, a nutritionist diagnosed him on Thursday that he had anorexia nervosa, which made his malnutrition worse.

He also denounced being the victim of acts of violence by “female inmates of the prison”, whom he accused of being instigated by the prison system, yelling at him, insulting him and also printing out and pasting posters that denigrate his dignity.

“It is dangerous for me to be able to sunbathe in the prison corridor, which I haven’t done in over a month,” he said.

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He denounced the fact that the Miraflores prison authorities are imperceptibly watching the violations of his rights, but also restricting his lawyers’ visits to groups or allowing him to speak directly to his psychiatrist, taking into account that this conversation must be confidential.

He added that the media and the human rights assembly are also not allowed.

Áñez has been in custody since March of this year for the so-called coup d’état, in which she, as a former senator, is charged with events prior to her term as president.

The Senkata and Sacaba cases, as well as other alleged corruption cases, are pending approval for liability proceedings.


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