Former President Jeanine Áñez shared a message on her social networks that she wrote on the wall of Miraflores Prison in La Paz, where she is being held in preventive detention over the alleged coup.

In the message issued by the social networks managed by her relatives, the ex-president reiterated that the Plurinational Constitutional Court (TCP) is a shame for pretending to disregard her mandate.

“Judges and prosecutors in the service of the Arce dictatorship regime have put together invented and false procedures. They left me completely defenseless. Political processes in which the legal has no value! Without an independent judiciary there is no democracy,” said the message from the ex-president.

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“TCP is a shame to pretend I’m ignoring my mandate. Don’t you remember former President (Paul) Franco? He invited me to the 2020 Constitutional Opening and there I was!

“They will be able to take their health through torture and unjustified imprisonment. They will be able to deaf their rights. But they will not be able to eradicate the fraud that Jeanine Áñez accepted as the constitutional president of democracy.” Thanks to the Bloque de Unidad for not leaving political prisoners alone. “Read on Twitter.


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