Áñez says she feels

Former President Jeanine Áñez said she felt “threatened” after receiving a “visit” from Miraflores Prison Director Maribel Barrenechea. Meanwhile, Carolina Ribera, daughter of the ex-president, announced that she would file a new complaint with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR).

That Thursday, Añez denounced in a public letter on Wednesday night that she had been “visited” by the prison director, Lieutenant Colonel Maribel Barrenechea, who expressed her anger over the incident with her assistant, Lieutenant Durán.

“He implicitly called me a liar about what happened, what made me feel threatened and intimidated, also disrespectful, silencing my son who was with me, pointing out that these were the consequences of what my daughter Carolina Ribera was doing told me, “said Añez.

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According to the ex-president, the prison director had ordered her room to be searched at night despite her explanations that she was taking three sleeping pills and that they would be useless if they woke her up.

He considered the director’s attitude to be “a clear act of psychological torture”. He claimed that what he termed “intimidation” put pressure on him again.

“These unpleasant events make me and my children scared, threatened and intimidated, and if anything happens to us, the prison system and the prison authorities are solely responsible,” the letter said.

For his part, Ribera denounced that he was not allowed to enter the prison to see his mother.

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“You’re not going to let me go to jail. So we will denounce all of this again in front of the IACHR, because there are new elements that the government is giving us against my mother’s rights, ”said the young woman.

Yesterday the ex-president denounced the mistreatment by the police. Against this background, the Directorate of Prison confirmed on Thursday that what happened between a police officer and the former president was a “minor situation” and a “misunderstanding”.


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