Áñez returns to prison after studying medicine and amid protests

Former President Jeanine Áñez reiterated “I don’t want to live anymore” this Tuesday when she underwent a neurophysiological study, that is, a study of the nervous system, in Unimed, La Paz. At the same time, protests were organized in Miraflores Prison and in front of the Medical Center.

The former president tried to try her life by injuring her arms over the weekend, leading to various statements from international organizations such as the United Nations and the European Union calling on the government to guarantee her well-being and health.

Áñez was brought to the medical center with her children that Tuesday morning to see if her nerves and muscles were functioning normally.

A message from the ex-president, shared by her family on her Twitter, read: “I don’t want to live anymore. My children have to make a living. I don’t want any more medication that I don’t know what it is, ask my guards to tell me what to take with me. “

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While her family manages her social network that “# JeanineAñez is very weak. She suffers permanently. Every 10 minutes someone enters her cell to spy, to ask or not to know what. She lives on high alert, afraid, without rest because she doesn’t know what to do with her: calm her down, poison her, or move her without known instruction. “

Áñez’s move had not been public, but by the time he left prison, a group of relatives of the 2019 victims turned up on the outskirts of Unimed, where the studies were to be conducted, and sparked protests.

“Citizens near the medical center where Añez is conducting neurological studies are calling for justice for the families of the victims of the 2019 massacre,” government newspaper Now the People reported.

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After the investigation, she was returned to the prison, where an armed riot was held by inmates who observed that the ex-president was allegedly enjoying “privileges”. Government Minister Eduardo Del Castillo said there would be unrest among the prisoners.

“A riot has started in Miraflores Prison, we will listen to what is happening on the cell phones and hope that we can resolve requests from women who have been deprived of their liberty,” the agency said.

Her family wrote: “# JeanineAñez is very weak. She suffers all the time. Every 10 minutes someone enters your cell to spy, ask, or not know what to do. To do: If you sedate them, poison them, or convict them without known instruction. “


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