Áñez repeats his call for freedom:

Former President Jeanine Áñez reiterated her desire for freedom this Tuesday during the Coup I hearing on alleged crimes of sedition, conspiracy and terrorism.

“I am a political prisoner and I want to give myself back my freedom, Mr. Judge,” claimed Añez, calling on the judge to act courageously.

“It remains for me to ask your authority in the face of this crisis of objectivity and loyalty, in which in my case the political constitution of the state, laws and treaties are ignored, where there is complete submission of the judicial authority and the public ministry to the government” , he said.

The Seventh Criminal Court of La Paz has scheduled a virtual hearing this Tuesday afternoon, in accordance with the role shift ordered by the Departmental Court of La Paz. The entity entered an annual collective vacation on that very Tuesday, which will last through December 31st.

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The ex-president has been in Miraflores prison since March this year.

On November 25, the Committee against Torture expressed its concern over allegations of sedition and terrorism against former President Jeanine Áñez. He said that these crimes “do not conform to the principle of legality” in Bolivian law.


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