Áñez makes an appeal to testify in the legislative assembly

Former President Jeanine Áñez’s defense yesterday made several appeals to the Legislative Assembly to summon it to declare that it was responsible for the responsibilities and to prepare an application for freedom before the Public Prosecutor.

“She wants to point out her right to be heard and heard (…) when the committee decides,” the lawyer for former head of state Alaín de Canedo told the media.

The attorney mentioned that two memorials were brought to Áñez to explain that he was exercising his “constitutional right” while calling for a “procedural correction” on another appeal.

There are three indictment requirements in the country’s legislature to initiate the ex-president’s preliminary trial for responsibility for making decisions during his tenure in the context of offenses such as breach of duty and unconstitutional decisions.

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These included approving an international loan that Bolivia later returned, a decree violating freedom of expression, and extending Fundempresa’s public registry and trade service concession, while a fourth application was denied.

The lawyer mentioned that the allegations are based on decrees of the former head of state, which however “enjoy the presumption of constitutionality as long as the constitutional court does not declare their unconstitutionality”.

De Canedo also expected that the defense of sñez will file a motion in the next few days to “lift their preventive detention” in the so-called “coup d’état”, for which they are accused of terrorism, sedition and conspiracy.

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In this case, Áñez has been in a La Paz prison for more than three months while two of his former ministers and some former military chiefs are in a similar condition.

According to the lawyer, the public prosecutor’s office “has not carried out any significant investigations to bring them into connection with the alleged coup”, in addition to the fact that there are “new documents” for the defense so that “the judiciary” “is finally ready.


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