The prosecution asks the TSE to report back once they have accredited Áñez as president

Former President Jeanine Áñez is serving seven months in prison this Wednesday and condemned the government’s abuse of power and politics through her Twitter account.

“Today is the 7th month of kidnapping, abusive rendition and illegal” preventive “detention of former Bolivian Constitutional President Jeanine Añez based on conspiracy and revenge. They abuse power and politics at the cost of their lives (sic),” it says there on the account of Áñez, which is administered by his relatives.

Áñez has been detained in Miraflores prison in La Paz since March on charges of alleged conspiracy, sedition and terrorism for the alleged coup of 2019.

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The former president is in prison for seven months a few days after a serious setback because the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) refused to take precautionary measures by failing to show the violation of her rights or the danger to her life.

Calls for precautionary measures in favor of Áñez came after the former president “injured herself” in her cell, injured her wrists and believed to end her life.


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