Áñez is serving 5 months in prison and confirms that the government has

Former President Jeanine Áñez made a statement on her social media stating that she is serving five months in prison today for the alleged coup.

In his Facebook account, which is managed by his relatives, it was published: “Today is 5 months since the former constitutional president of Bolivia Jeanine ñez was imprisoned, in 5 months the whole structure of the current government could not show a single evidence for everything that is accused of him ”.

Below is a picture accompanying the text: “As a person I have exhausted my limits of endeavor; that suffering is not only physical and psychological, that it exceeds everything that I have experienced in my life, as I already see the helpless tears of my children with tiredness and despair.

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Áñez was placed in preventive detention in March, among other things for alleged crimes such as terrorism and sedition.

On August 3, the courts extended preventive detention for six months after dividing the process into two parts.


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