Áñez is punished with three days without a visit for not attending a hearing

The governor of Miraflores Prison in La Paz has sanctioned former President Jeanine Añez with three consecutive days without a visit for not attending the virtual hearing room.

“The deprived of liberty Jeanine Añez Chávez is punished with a reception ban for a maximum of 3 disjointed days per month,” says the document.

The note of the finding shows that the ex-president has scheduled a hearing on a precautionary measure for September 7th, “which was communicated in good time,” the document goes on to say.

According to the prison, Áñez refused to go into the room “on the allegation that he was not in good health”.

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The Departmental Director of Prison, Franz Laura, stated that the sanction is based on Section 9 of Article 130 of Law 2298, which classifies as a very serious offense “wrongly refusing to participate in a judicial process”.

“What Law 2298 stipulates for this type of serious crime is up to 30 days without visits. On this occasion, the prisoner would be punished for three days without a visit because of this, ”Laura told Añez.

Laura indicated that Añez may appeal the sanction by Tuesday, but otherwise a judge will allow the sentence to be resolved so that it can be carried out.

Áñez’s defense suggests that denying family visits to the ex-president is a violation of rights.

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