Áñez has lost 11 kilos, she is pale and her doctor suggests admission to a mental hospital

Fernando Pavel, the doctor of former president Jeanine Áñez, suggested that the ex-president be admitted to a psychiatric clinic to be treated by specialists. The doctor reported that the former head of state had lost 11 kilos since her arrest, was “pale” and was mentally badly damaged.

In an interview with A Media Mañana from Grupo Centro and Los Tiempos, Pavel reported that he last saw the ex-president last Saturday and that she felt very upset from a psychological point of view, although he claimed his injuries caused by the on “Self-harm” injured that morning were treated and stitched.

However, Pavel assured that his specialty did not allow him to make a diagnosis of the ex-president’s mental health, so he suggested that she be admitted to a suitable center.

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“What corresponds to these guidelines is hospitalization in a suitable center. To a clinic that has these sufficient characteristics. I can make a suggestion because the diagnosis is no longer my area of ​​expertise, ”he said.

“Being in jail is not ideal for her,” he said, noting that “the criteria for psychiatric treatment indicate hospitalization in order to begin healthcare-associated treatment.

Pavel pointed out that he had no problem examining the ex-president when he asked for it. He said he would visit the former president this Thursday and reassess her condition.

He claimed that since his admission to Miraflores prison last March, Áñez has “lost an average of 11 kilos, his nutritional status is not optimal and that in relation to his emotional state”.

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He said the ex-president was “pale” and tests would show if she had anemia.

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