Áñez has been in preventive detention for 9 months and confirms that she is a

Jeanine Áñez has been in custody for nine months today on cases related to the alleged coup in 2019 and reiterated that she was a “political prisoner”.

Through her Twiiter account, which is managed by her relatives, Áñez alleged that she was “kidnapped” while in custody in Beni.

“Today has been nine months since former Bolivian Constitutional President Jeanine Áñez was illegally detained after she was abducted from Trinidad and transferred for 1,000 kilometers under blatant political persecution and human rights violations,” he said.

In this sense, Áñez reiterated that the 2019 conflicts were due to alleged electoral fraud.

“You are 275 days in political jail. You accuse you of terrorism, sedition and conspiracy, with no conclusive facts. The 2019 popular protest was against the ELECTION FRAUD by Evo Morales and accomplices. There will be no prisons for so much injustice, but THE Die.” TRUTH is never locked up! (Sic), ”he said.

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Áñez was arrested in March last year and held in preventive detention for alleged conspiracy, sedition and terrorism.

However, according to the Justice Department, she is currently on another case related to the “coup d’état,” which is charged with crimes of neglect and unconstitutional and unlawful decisions.


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