Áñez has been in custody for six months and is now waiting for a response from the IACHR

On Monday, the former interim president of Bolivia Jeanine Áñez was in preventive detention six months ago because of the “coup”. The prosecutor immediately requested an additional six months in prison. While the ex-president waits for the response from the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACHR) on her situation.

Áñez, 54, is in preventive detention in a La Paz prison as her family moved to close the case and release the ex-president who had multiple health problems last month due to her high blood pressure and the depression it presents .

The temporary ex-president was arrested on March 13 in her homeland of Beni and initially sent to a prison in La Paz for four months as a preventive measure, which was later expanded to six months and for alleged political and social crimes such as sedition, terrorism and conspiracy Crisis 2019.

According to Luis Guillén, one of his lawyers, during those six months the State Department “has not been able to determine whether there has been a criminal act” and there is no formal allegation, so it is appropriate “to pass a resolution”. of rejection. “

“We are attentive and think that the judicial authority will meet its obligation tomorrow and lift the preventive detention,” said the lawyer.

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Nonetheless, Áñez has to serve an additional six months’ imprisonment, imposed in August on another “coup” trial in which she is charged with alleged violations of duties and unlawful decisions.


After much pressure, the IACHR has already heard former President Jeanine Áñez’s motion and the Bolivian government’s response to the adoption of a precautionary measure that may or may not require the executive and the Bolivian judiciary to allow or even to allow their departure to a medical center can defend himself in freedom. The organization will publish a solution in the next few hours.

Two weeks ago, the IACHR heard from Carolina Ribera, the daughter of former President Áñez, and explained her mother’s health problems.

Then, late last week, the government sent a response to the IACHR. Executive sources said the defense was based on a document detailing the contents of a medical association in which a majority of doctors of various specialties agreed that it was stable and could be treated in prison.

A response is expected to come from the IACHR this week. Meanwhile, Áñez faces a penalty.


The former president will not be able to receive visitors in prison for three days by order of the prison regime. The measure is a sanction against the former authority for alleged absence from a virtual court hearing.

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The Departmental Director of Correctional Services, Franz Laura, confirmed that the sanction is based on number 9 of Article 130 of Law 2298, which classifies as a very serious offense “wrongly refusing to participate in a judicial process”.

SIX months in prison

Former President Jeanine Áñez is here and we are now requesting another six months.


Former official Congresswoman Lidia Patty, who filed a lawsuit against Áñez in the so-called “coup d’état”, pointed out that “an assessment of responsibilities does not correspond” and that it was a mistake by the Bolivian government.

In Patty’s opinion, if Áñez were judged on responsibilities, it would guarantee that his presidency would be “constitutional”. But the ruling party believes it was the product of a “coup”.

This month, Parliament received from the prosecutor’s office the indictment against Áñez for starting the trial of the deaths of civilians in Sacaba and Senkata in 2019, following the unsuccessful elections that led to a political and social crisis.

In parliament there are, among other things, further indicting proposals to approve a loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) without the consent of the legislature.


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