Áñez: From my imprisonment, I call peace to my executioners and prison guards

Former president of the transitional government, Jeanine Áñez, has said since her detention in Miraflores prison that she has been crying out for peace for her executioners and prison guards; On several occasions he has signaled to the government, the State Department and the judiciary that an “unjust” detention is being maintained.

On her family-managed Twitter account, the ex-president thanked the governor of Santa Cruz, Luis Fernando Camacho, and the president of the Permanent Human Rights Assembly, Amparo Carvajal, for their support during times when she is in preventive detention.

“‘Life is nothing, everything ends, only God makes people happy.’ Thank you Governor Luis Fernando Camacho for your firmness in these moments when we need help. Amparo, Susana and all of Santa Cruz, thank you. From my imprisonment he cried for peace to my executioners and prison guards. # LaFeMueveMonáticas “, reads his social network Twitter.

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Áñez has been in custody since March following a complaint by former deputy Lidia Patty (MAS); She is being investigated by the State Ministry for alleged crimes of sedition, terrorism and conspiracy in the “coup d’état”.

The ex-president is facing at least seven cases, most of which were brought by the government. The State Ministry claims there is a risk of fleeing, which is why the judiciary refused to allow him to defend himself freely.

The government claims that Áñez is responsible for the deaths of 37 people in Senkata and Sacaba in 2019, as well as corruption cases.


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