Áñez denounces physical abuse and in response they announce their move

Within hours of complaining of mistreatment and assault against former President Jeanine Áñez at Miraflores Women’s Prison, the government announced its internal transfer to the general prison population and minimized action against the ex-President by the prison staff.

“We will look for a new room so that the lady can spend the night and have all the material conditions and can fulfill her constitutional and human rights,” said government minister Eduardo del Castillo, who also assured that the former president would also fulfill her obligations as all internal. Áñez took a seat in the sanitary section of the prison.

Yesterday, the judge’s court suspended Añez’s hearing on his application for release due to a lack of quorum. The judiciary has already rejected the former president’s request a dozen times, despite the fact that, according to their lawyers, they have provided all the documents that justify the lifting of preventive detention. “He is serving an early prison sentence,” said his defense lawyers.

Nine months and days have passed since police officers, public prosecutors under the direction of the head of the government office, arrested the former interim president and held her “preventive detention” for alleged crimes of terrorism, sedition and conspiracy in principle at the Center for Female Orientation (COF) from Obrajes, La Paz; to later move to Miraflores, where it occupies a space the government is now calling for.

“We have to regain this health space, which is used for mental and physical care for women who have been deprived of their liberty. We are adapting a space so that Ms. Áñez has good conditions in a detention center,” he said.

Civic Community MP Luisa Nayar pointed out that this determination constituted revanchism by the government to denounce ill-treatment and psychological aggression.

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“The government minister is once again showing the authoritarian and abusive face that instead of punishing those who commit the human rights violations, he does not punish the psychological torture of the ex-president, on the contrary, measures are taken and reprisals against Áñez,” said the MPs before Minister Del Castillo’s announcement about the internal move.

However, the agency said that “there are not enough reasons to move her to another prison, but they must begin to do what the other deprived women do.” That means working, cleaning and other internal activities.

Fear of facts

After she reported abuse by a police officer on Wednesday, former President Añez publicly condemned her Thursday that she was later intimidated by the director of Miraflores Prison.

She denounced in writing that the lieutenant named Durán had insulted her and kicked a stove in her room.

In a public letter, the former president announced that she was “visited” on Wednesday evening by the prison director, Lieutenant Colonel Maribel Barrenechea, who expressed her anger over the incident with her assistant, Lieutenant Durán.

“He implicitly called me a liar about what happened, what made me feel threatened and intimidated, also disrespectful, silencing my son who was with me, pointing out that these were the consequences of what my daughter Carolina Ribera was doing told me, “said Añez.

Minimize complaint

Penitentiary Director Juan Carlos Limpias minimized the complaint about the mistreatment of former President Áñez by a lieutenant in Miraflores prison.

“There was a small situation between the police and the private person Jeanine Áñez who did not deserve to make such statements,” said the prison authorities.

Judge suspends hearing of former president

The hearing that was supposed to deal with yesterday’s motion for the lifting of preventive detention, which former President Jeanine Áñez is completing, has been suspended due to the absence of a quorum. It was set up virtually before the anti-corruption court.

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The hearing has been postponed to December 20 at 8:30 am. “It is envisaged that a new official letter will be published to the Eighth Criminal Court so that its members can be present when the requested hearing is held.”

“It was suspended because the first judgment court does not have a quorum. It has been postponed to Monday, December 20th, ”confirmed the former president’s lawyer Luis Guillén.

Áñez has been incarcerated in Miraflores prison for nine months “preventively” and faces several trials due to the 2019 crisis.

More than a dozen times, the judiciary denied requests to defend oneself freely or by alternative means.

The last hearing took place on November 8th, during which he was denied his freedom, in the case of Putsch I.

In spite of her sensitive state of health, the ex-president could not assert any claim to the lifting of preventive detention, on the contrary, the prison management assured her that she would receive adequate medical care.

Carvajal visits Áñez and sees her weak

The President of the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights of Bolivia (APDHB), Amparo Carvajal, visited her in Miraflores Prison, where she was able to check her precarious health, after reporting the abuse of former President Jeanine Áñez.

“I saw it very badly. She is very clear that she is a political prisoner, “said Carvajal on leaving the prison, adding that she is” extremely weak, as before very thin “.

The National Mechanism for the Prevention of Torture (MNP) was also known to visit and interview Áñez, later declaring that “he was not a victim of physical aggression”.


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