Analysts: MAS tries to wash Morales' image

Political scientists and lawyers point out that Evo Morales and the community of Movimiento Al Socialismo (MAS) are desperately trying to wash the image of their leader and invent a series of situations to make him look like a victim. First they deal with the theory of an alleged coup that falls to them, two years later they speak of a possible attack on the Mexican plane that helped him escape the country in November 2019, in addition to an attempt to help violate the constitution buried His nomination for re-election and the ignorance of the referendum of February 21, 2016 argue analysts and opposition politicians.

Mexican President Andrés López Obrador, an ally of Morales, said in his balance sheet of the first half of his term in office that the Bolivian military would probably have tried to use a missile to shoot down the Mexican army plane that Evo Morales went to his refuge after he was Resigned from the mandate.

“It is symptomatic that after almost two years this theory comes to light as an aspect to show that the alleged coup of the ruling party took place in the events of October and November. During this time, in the days of the power vacuum, which even the GIEI recognizes, this alleged event would have occurred, but what they do not want to say is that Morales has strategically left Chapare, ”said constitutional lawyer Paul Antonio Coca.

Political scientist Patricia Velasco accidentally pointed out that Morales and those around him are desperate to “wash their faces” because of the flight from the country and the fact that all of his ministers have fled to embassies and others , was not gladly accepted.

“But there is another important aspect, with the help of your partners, first from Argentina with this weapons problem, now from Mexico, they are trying to justify Morales for leaving the country as a victim. But they also want us to forget that all of this is due to the violation of the political constitution of the state, the ignorance of the referendum of February 21, 2016, which rejected his request, that is, they all want to forget about irregularities in which he got the coca farmer’s leader to stay in power, “he said.

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Speech out of print

MEP Luisa Nayar from the Citizen Community (CC) pointed out that these speeches, with the support of her partners, are intended to keep the worn figure of Morales in place.

“Look, almost two years after you escaped from the country where you released this version, but that’s because this whole story, this alleged coup conspiracy, is crumbling and you’re looking for other aspects. Now they want to wash the already worn image of Evo Morales, because not everyone is with his line, ”he said.

For Gonzalo Barrientos, the national secretary of the Social Democratic Movement (MDS), the leader of the coca farmers prematurely began his campaign for the presidential election in order to be the only candidate and not have any opponents or candidates within the blue party.

“With all these weapons, now missiles that appear when his alleged coup wears off, falling to make Morales look like a victim, the MAS and an area decide to do another cartoon to wash Morales’ face and everyone To hide irregularities that he has to stay in power, “he said.

Both agreed that the leader of the coca farmers is the one who has various aspects in Luis Arce’s government, including appointing positions, imposing guidelines.

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In addition, they resort to victimization, often used by Morales when he claims that the poor are being attacked, or that indigenous peoples or others are being discriminated against.

“This is an aspect that is used to protect the leader, to prevent him from being prosecuted, so that they will do everything in their power to try to get the narrative of the coup through,” Velasco said.

Delete everything

This theory of washing Morales’s face, according to analysts and politicians, goes hand in hand with changes to the internal rules of the Blue Party, with the elimination of its possible rivals, those seeking or expressing renewal votes, all according to the criteria they share with us want.

“He and those around Morales set the stage not to have internal opposition and to be the only candidate, but also to hide the current government’s inability in health and business, among other things, to elevate the narrative,” said Deputy Najar.


Constitutional lawyer Paul Antonio Coca argued that the arguments of the Movement towards Socialism (MAS), of which Evo Morales is a member, had two goals: legal protection and the 2025 candidacy, as well as the repeal of the 21st F.

“They are trying to protect Evo Morales so that he doesn’t have legal problems from public opinion, less legal for his candidacy in 2025; Also, they want people to forget about the existence of the 21F referendum and the violation of the Constitution, ”he said.

Now its external partners must uphold this theory of 21st century socialism. “They have to act as a bloc, know how to act as a bloc, because otherwise they won’t keep their power, that’s why they move internationally,” he said.


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