Analysts: MAS seeks revenue from summit meetings and minutes review

Both the judicial reform proposed by the government through ministerial summits and the review of the minutes of the 2019 elections by prosecutor Wilfredo Chávez are aimed at silencing the voices calling for changes in the judiciary as the conclusion and conclusion of the fraud case that, according to analysts, there has been no change in the results of the 2019 elections.

Justice Minister Iván Lima is currently “socializing” the six axes that he has proposed as the basis for his judicial reform. In order to publicize the details of his plan and at the same time collect suggestions, he organized summits in the nine departments of Bolivia and has currently visited three regions.

The sociologist and political researcher Fernando Salazar has evacuated this government initiative because there are no opinions from experts or from bar associations or law schools at these summits.

“With these justice summits, the government is trying to cover up a fact that is nationally necessary with a party-political action. The summits are the MAS’s biggest failure, along with the social control plan for coca eradication they never achieved their goals, ”Salazar said.

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For the researcher, all the summits organized by the MAS in its previous administrations failed because there were no results. He cited the 2016 health, citizen security and justice system.

Political scientist Rolando Tellería said the meetings proposed by the government would not solve the fundamental problem facing the Bolivian judiciary, which resides in “the pernicious interference of the executive branch in the judiciary, which seriously undermines segregation, independence and the balance of powers”.

He added that this crisis is the most complex and acute in our entire history and is related to the composition and selection of judges, judges, members and also prosecutors, which are not proven and suitable.

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Counting minutes

According to Salazar, the issue of electoral fraud is now irreversible, “you can see the minutes, you have every right, but a report (that of the Organization of American States) that is binding on the Bolivian state cannot be canceled.”

He noted that by reviewing the minutes, the government intended to ignore the OAS election review and the outcome of the February 21, 2016 referendum.

Regarding Chavez’s plan to review each of the 35,000 digitized election papers, Tellería said it was an outbreak. “It’s just trying to consolidate the official narrative of the coup. This seems to be the ultimate goal of the current management of Arce Catacora, ”he emphasized.

For the analyst, all organs of power in the hands of the MAS now have this crucial goal. Evo Morales would be the main interested party behind this intention.


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