An unvaccinated inmate in San Pedro prison in La Paz.  tested positive for Covid-19

A prisoner who refused to be vaccinated against Covid-19 tested positive for the disease in San Pedro prison in La Paz, correctional authorities reported this Friday.

“Unfortunately, the prisoner was not vaccinated, he tested positive, three tests were carried out,” said the department head of the penal system, Franz Luna.

The case was presented in the sector known as “La Posta”, which is said to be home to the wealthiest inmates.

Four inmates from the area closest to the one who tested positive were also preventively isolated In addition, visits to the sector have been suspended and “rakes” and fumigations carried out to prevent other infections, the official said.

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According to Luna, 85% of San Pedro inmates are already vaccinated against Covid-19.

At the national level, around 65% of around 17,800 prisoners are vaccinated, For his part, the Director General of the Penitentiary System, Juan Carlos Limpias, who also reported that there were no cases of Covid-19 in the other prisons.

The inmate who tested positive he is not vaccinated, “not because the vaccination did not reach his autopsy, on the contrary, his decision not to use the vaccine was respected”Limpias explains.

Inmates in many prisons have demanded that people without a vaccination certificate be denied access to the prisons, which the prison authorities are ruling out for the time being as there is no vaccination requirement, he added.

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“If there is a visitor who wants to enter and doesn’t have the certificate, they can enter with all of the biosecurity measures we have adopted,” Limpias said.


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