ALP sets up a commission for a break and approves the report on delaying femicide cases

The Plurinational Legislative Assembly (ALP) set up the operational commission for the legislative period on Wednesday.

Today the second ordinary session of the 2021-2022 legislature took place and the report on the conclusions on the delay in supply and resolution of femicide cases was approved. The meeting was chaired by Vice-President of the State and ALP President David Choquehuanca Céspedes.

“The Commission has completed its work and presented its report and conclusions, which are now fully known to the Assembly, so that the report and the proposed project can be examined,” Choquehuanca said, according to a press release.

The Assembly Committee on the Legislative Break will be responsible for completing internal administrative and other urgent tasks that will occur during the year-end recess of the legislative term ending on Jan.

This commission includes the titular senators: María Roxana Nacif, Ana María Castillo, María Patricia Arce, Miguel Ángel Rejas, Soledad Flores, Rodrigo Paz, Daly Cristina Santa María, Cecilia Moyoviri and Julio Diego Romańa. The deputy senators-designate are: Misdrael Mamani, Santos Ramos, Hermo Pérez, Natividad Aramayo, William Tórrez, Elizabet Zoya, Pedro Lagrava, Fernando Vaca and Dulce Araujo.

The members of the commission are: Freddy Mamani, Basilia Rojas, Alina Canaviri, Santos Mamani, Felicia Alejo, Jorge Yucra, Lily Bernabė, Pedro Coro, Alexsandra Zenteno, Sarah Crespo, Roy Suárez, Mariel Peńaloza, Óscar Balderas, Janira Román, Mayra Zalles , Ingvar Ellefsen, Sergio Maniguary and Alba Osinaga. The deputies are: Sandro Ramírez, Zacarías Laura, Cinda Nolasco, Cintia Castro, Cecilio Alanez, Josefina Maturano, Elías Choque, Cipriana Guerrero, Bryan Zalles, Roque Mapaquine, Ariana Gonzales, Herbert Taboada, Susana Sánchez, Iviri San Canaviri, Rosario , Cárdenas, Verónica Aguilera and Caleb Villarroel.

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The Joint Special Commission of Inquiry into Delays in Attention and Resolution of Femicide Cases was formed during the 2020-2021 legislature to begin reviewing femicide cases in Bolivia.

In this new legislative term, the commission was set up again to further investigate the reasons for the delay in the investigation of femicide cases, the increase in violence and femicides against women.

The seven members of the commission, chaired by MEP Estefanía Morales, had 11 months and 28 days to complete the task entrusted by the ALP, for which they had direct contact at national level with the families of the victims of femicide.

Senator Andrea Barrientos presented the number of cases of feminicide at the national level and affirmed: “The fight against feminicide has no political color.” According to the report, there were 777 cases from 2013 to 2019, of which 209 are still open.

Likewise, the Joint Special Commission has so far made 202 requests for a written report and 42 communication protocols to the institutions involved to investigate and resolve cases and to propose measures that will contribute to immediate resolution.

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The report also shows that there were 89 cases of feminicide in the current administration as of August, of which only 19 were convicted in oral or abbreviated proceedings, 36 in oral proceedings, 10 in preliminary stages, and 4 femicide perpetrators took it Life, which led to the termination of the investigation.

According to that document, the complaints received for the investigation identified irregularities in the handling of femicide cases, such as officials, delays in notifications and decisions, lack of order and continuity in legal proceedings, among others.

For her part, MEP Estefanía Morales recommended that there be constant monitoring and monitoring of cases of feminicide from the administration from 2013 to the present day, that the staff of the judiciary should be trained and that a public policy in favor of women should be adopted.

In addition, the commission recommended that the ALP strengthen the Chamber of Deputies’s Committee on Gender Rights to control and monitor cases of feminicide and violence against women and to pursue the disciplinary procedures requested by the Council. Representation of the Magistrate – La Paz for breach of duty and serious misconduct by the criminal chambers; and replace the attention and resolution of femicide cases in the following legislative period for the follow-up to the unresolved cases of the 2013-2019 negotiations.


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