ALP Commission analyzes liability claims against high government authorities

The State Joint Commission on Justice, Public Ministry and Legal Defense of the Plurinational Legislative Assembly (ALP) began examining reports on the jurisdiction processes of high-level state authorities this Wednesday.

“Senators and MPs are holding the 8th session of the State Joint Commission on Justice, Public Ministry and Legal Defense. They are handling the pending reports of liability proceedings against former high-level authorities of the state,” the Senate said on its Twitter account .

According to preliminary information, there have been at least 21 reports of liability litigation against high-ranking state authorities.

Last week, the ALP’s Supreme Court (TSJ) sent the prosecutor’s indictment to a case against former President Jeanine Áñez in the Sacaba and Senkata cases.

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Senate President Andrónico Rodríguez said last week that these trials are expected to be dealt with in September.

The MAS does not have two-thirds in the plenary of the ALP to pass judgments on jurisdiction and therefore called on the opposition to give these processes the green light.

Comunidad Ciudadana, the main opposition alliance, condemned the MAS offering “bribes” to some of its MPs to support the trials against Áñez.


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