Almagro says Luis Arce and Richter recognized Añez's constitutionality before him

The General Secretary of the OAS, Luis Almagro, denied the allegations of the “coup” against him on Tuesday. He said that he was the only one at international level to speak out in support of Evo Morales’ mandate in 2019 and that with Jeanine Añez taking office, the constitutionality of his mandate had been recognized by Luis Arce and Jorge Richter before him .

Almagro recalled that in the tweet he posted he was when Añez took over the presidency, noting that at that point he had failed to recognize the president’s constitutionality because he had no elements.

“If you read the tweet, when I speak to the responsible president Jeanine Añez, it was a tweet that was very on-line, practically on-line … we do not recognize the constitutionality because it did not contain any elements acknowledge that I spoke to the transitional government and that they had to make elections as soon as possible. It’s the only thing, “said Almagro.

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“I do not even recognize the constitutionality. The constitutionality of Jeanine Añez was recognized by the first Bolivian leaders such as Luis Arce or Richter before Luis Almagro,” added the Secretary General.

Arce recognized Añez as constitutional president during the 2020 election campaign, although he was already president, he declined, arguing that he was not a constitutionalist.

For his part, Richter recognized the constitutionality of Añez in a television interview in 2019 when speaking as a political analyst.

Almagro referred to the subject when presenting a book when questioned about the allegations made against him for the 2019 events in Bolivia.

He claimed he was ready to use the truth to defend himself against allegations he believes are notorious. He said he didn’t accept anyone’s lies.

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It was ratified in its support of the OAS electoral review report which uncovered irregularities in the 2019 elections.

He refused to accuse himself of participating in a “coup d’état” because, on the contrary, he demanded that Evo Morales comply with the constitutional mandate.

“We are the only ones who have defended the validity of President Evo Morales’ constitutional mandate,” said the Uruguayan in good time to emphasize that he was the only international organization that took this position.

He recalled that due to his visit to the country months before the 2019 elections, he had reposted a bad relationship with the Bolivian opposition, which earned him criticism from opponents.


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