Almagro: Evo's government had seen signs of fraud since October 20th

Organization of American States (OAS) secretary Luis Almagro and his team said they would be doing a second round between October 20th, parliamentary election day, and the 9th, as there were signs of fraud, it said in the book “Luis Almagro does not ask for forgiveness.”

“(Almagro and his team) assure that between October 20th and November 9th they sent the message to the Bolivian government that a second round had to be held because the signs indicated fraud. However, they have not given any acceptance from the Morales area, “says the text quoted by Página Siete.

The newspaper La Paz pointed out that on November 9th Almagro asked for the publication of the preliminary report on the examination of the Morales government, which was only asked for time in the contacts.

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“On November 9, 2019, Almagro was in the Bahamas, a place he was visiting to fly over areas hit by a hurricane. After reading the report on the preliminary results of the audit, he contacted his chief of staff, Gonzalo Koncke, who was asked to notify the Morales administration of the document’s publication. After dinner, Almagro went to sleep at 11 p.m., his cell phone was silent, ”says Página Siete.

According to Almagro’s version, the Morales government spoke to his chief of staff and asked him not to publish the report, but Koncke already had the assignment. In all of these conversations, according to Almagro, the Morales government did not say that there was no fraud, but that “it was only asked for time,” she even told Koncke that it was a matter of timing, “the newspaper continues.

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The book, written by Martín Natalevich and Gonzalo Ferreira, is based on an interview with Almagro, his staff and more than 100 people connected with the stages in the life of the secretary of the OAS.


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