Alarcón says that without a change in judicial authorities, no progress can be made on judicial reform

Following the proposal of Justice Minister Iván Lima for a judicial reform based on six axes, the deputy and head of the community bank Carlos Alarcón reiterated that the first thing to do in order to advance the transformation of the judiciary is to change operators and judges, otherwise there is one Advance not possible.

For Alarcón, “Lima is the magician of disguise” because “he seems to touch everything so as not to change anything”.

“The underlying problem that we need to change first is these operators and judges who are becoming paramilitary MASs who are destroying the country’s judicial system. Unless we change these operators to guarantee independent prosecutors and judges, we have made no progress. That’s why he doesn’t want to change her, ”Alarcón told the media.

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The opposition MP reiterated that the government “wants to use whatever time it has to develop a scenario of political and legal persecution against all those whom the MAS regards as enemies and to get its friends impunity”.

Lima today proposed six axes to transform the judiciary and announced a 90-day plan for meetings, work tables and first results.

Alarcón assured that in 90 days the attorney general, who is being questioned about his closeness to the government, could be replaced and that a law guaranteeing judicial independence could also be passed.


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