Alanez opens a third cocoa store in Urujara

This Tuesday morning, coca farmer leader Arnold Alanez opened the third market of the Association of Coca Producers (Adepcoca) in the Tranca de Urujara sector, La Paz.

The Führer announced the purchase of new land after the Self-Defense Committee took over the headquarters in Villa Fátima. The area, according to Alanez, is twice the size of the current headquarters and the land would have been bought through a contribution from the coca farmers.

In the past few hours, Adepcca’s attorney Evelyn Cossío argued that the Third Market was illegal and that it would require an assembly-approved resolution.

According to the coca law, there are only two legal coca markets in Bolivia: in Sacaba (Cochabamba) and Villa Fátima (La Paz).

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Adepcoca warned that if Alanez insists on opening a third market, which they deemed illegal, they would resume mobilizations.

Alanez has had government support and is affiliated with the MAS.


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