Alanez meets with the government and announces the purchase of another property for Adepcoca.  known

After a meeting with the Ministry of Rural Development, chairman Arnold Alanez announced the purchase of a new piece of land to serve as a coca market and headquarters of the coca producers’ association (Adepcoca).

“We’re going to make a new conquest for a new property. Due to the demonstration of the social strength of the Yungas, the real producers of Adepcoca de La Paz, we have a positive reaction (to the request for a new plot of land), ”announced Alanez, whose board is recognized by the government.

After the coca farmers, under the direction of the Self-Defense Committee, recaptured Adepcocala headquarters in Villa Fátima, Alanez claimed that “the base has decided to leave them (the property). Buying a new property by a ministerial order for rural development and land ”.

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Meanwhile, the mobilized coca farmers organized a meeting to elect an election committee for new elections in Adepcoca.


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