Alanez insists that he be President of Adepcoca and is repeating the acquisition of a new market

MAS-affiliated leader Ronald Alanez reappeared this Wednesday, insisting that he is the “legal and legitimate” president of the Coca Producers’ Association (Adepcoca) and also reiterating that they will purchase new land for the coca leaf market .

“Given the violent takeover by groups very far from the Adepcoca department, the leaders together with the organizations and our bases, we decided to buy a new property, a new Adepcoca department with a building, a model market for all of our partners, “said Alanez in contact with the media.

Alanez also denied allegations of membership in the “red zone”, asserting that the title of his coca plantations dates back to the 1952 revolution and since the agrarian reform.

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“We also want to denounce all the abuses and subjugations he has committed since yesterday afternoon,” he said.

On Monday, after several days of clashes, the mobilized coca farmers managed to bypass the police and recapture their headquarters in the Villa Fátima, which Alanez captured on September 20. That day, Minister Eduardo del

Castillo and the Minister for Rural Development recognized Alanez as president of the organization.

The government also provided police security for an estimated 500 soldiers armed with tear gas, shields and bullets.

However, after the building was restored, the coca farmers installed a meeting at the head of the Adepcoca Defense Committee in which they decided they would hold new elections to elect the board of directors. In this context, Del

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Castillo said there was no directive in the organization and called for both sectors to come into conflict in the election.


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