Alanes: New market is doubly adepcoca and will be inaugurated on Tuesday

The leader of another sector of the Yungas coca leaf producers, Arnold Alanes, ratified the opening of the new market that Saturday, which will “double” the infrastructure of Adepcoca, which has led to violent confrontations between the coca farmers and the government in recent days bolivian police.

He said that the more than 4,000 square meters of land will be bought with own contributions and not with state money, as it is a purely private entity.

He explained that for the time being these are sheds (in the Urujara area, at the entrance and exit to the Yungas) in which the coca leaf is sold and no longer on the street, as can be seen in the Kalajawira area in the route trunk .

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He indicated that they have a project to build a model market as soon as possible, as opposed to the current market, which, according to Alanes, has debts of more than a million Bolivians.

He confirmed that the land purchase would be completed on Monday and inaugurated on Tuesday to allow the 40,000 members of the 17 regional unions to work in peace, he told the press.

Speaking of Adepcoca’s threats to return to the streets before a third market opens, he said they will “now” defend themselves against the clashes and ask to be allowed to work.


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